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  • Neeraj

    thanx man!… i just wasted almost 2 weeks tryin to figure dis out…..

    • Hey Neeraj , I am really Glad it helped you 😀

  • Sooraj

    pins 27,28,29 and 30 are not blinking.. can you tell its reason?

  • Saran V S

    Thank you very much.. its Working………………..

  • Gopi M


    same problem i faced working in ARM not only in interrupt program, no program works with out tick this option. really i got frustrated because of this. lot of time i check the coding but no mistake in that. finally i found out that the problem and solution from some other website. these kind of thing are really test our patient. but finally i come out of that. u also faced the same problem.

    • suresh

      Hi Gopi,
      May i know how u solved th roblem>?
      Because SPI interrupt(ISR) is not working for me…!!!!

      Which website u referred?..

  • JAYz

    Thank you, I also wasted time like the other people. This helped me out.

  • surendar

    I have a problem in SPI0 in ARM7 LPC 2148.
    I have used UART in interrupt method by handling it in ISR.\
    The same way i tried in SPI too. But ISR is not routed to the function. I dont know why the problem is..!!!
    I have tried with ur method,(by enabling target options.)

    Do u have a code for SPI0 using ISR. ?.
    But i dont find much difficulty in program.
    In configuring interrupt too, its not a big deal…!!!
    By problem is, MAster sending a data continuosly, slave receives the data,(i checked with polling ,method its working). SO SPI data reg getting the value.
    When doing with interrupt, I checked with debug mode in KEIL u4.

    all the VIC confg is correct, S0SPINT is also getting set, SPIF is getting set.
    But ISR program doesnt works.

    Have u faced this problem??

  • Shubham Kamble

    i have problem with vector addrs
    due to my controller i have to use range from 0x2000 instead of 0x00000000
    so my interrupts are not working……
    i tried with memmap instruction………
    but not getting……
    please help me……