About Us

Who we are

We are enthusiasts with a penchant for Overclocking and a thirst for keeping ourselves on top of whatever new the tech world has to offer. We love to apply our skills to try and create things and constantly keep learning new stuff. To put it simply, we are DIYers in every sense of the word.

Our Motto

To demystify technology. To inculcate knowledge about technology among our readers. We want people to think of OCFreaks as an information outlet. If you visit OCFreaks, you can be sure that you won’t leave without learning something.


OCFreaks.com is a tech site which was started back in 2011. It started out as an outlet to create awareness about Overclocking and hardware. From there, it branched on to include DIY Robotics, Embedded and basically, all things tech related! We had our ups and downs, many people from the core team left and moved on to greener pastures(Jobs,Startups,Family Responsibilities,et al…) and there was a time where we were literally dormant for more than 6 months … but in the immortal words of Kain (from the Legacy of Kain Franchise):

As long as a single one of us stands, we are legion…

Currently we have a skeleton team including just Ourselves (Umang Gajera and Saby D’silva), and we have no intentions of slowing down.


Role: Admin, Web-Master

Yet another DIYer fond of Overclocking, Embedded electronics & Robotics. Has done his Post Graduation in Computer Engineering but has interests ranging from the lower reaches of the Ground (Silicon Chips) to the upper reaches of the skies (Astrophysics). Would rather watch a documentary on how movies are made than watch movies. All spare time is dedicated towards plotting schemes of world domination using his evil robot army 😉 . Team Fortress 2 and Killing Floor 2 are his favorite Multiplayer Games. He is also the developer of CryptBench, a benchmark utility to measure a CPU’s cryptography performance.


Role: Co-Admin, Editor

A techie with a knack of learning whatever new stuff enthralls him at the moment. Holds a degree in Electronics & Telecommunication, and has specific interests in computing, robotics and embedded. Loves keeping track of all the new developments in computing and tech hardware. Got into Overclocking as a means to squeeze more performance out of an old Athlon XP Rig, and has been engaged in it ever since. An ardent supporter of Open Source technologies, and holds a special place for companies that uphold this philosophy. More fond of RPG, Racing and 1-on-1 fighting genres than FPS games.