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  • Amit

    Wow….Truly inspiring effort! Love your work…more so cos it’s done completely in India !

  • I want to contact U, how can?

  • rsj

    Hi, what did u use as lead screws? and where did u find the blocks that hold the shaft in mumbai?

  • Vinamr

    could you list all of the suppliers from delhi

  • Mohit

    I want to make Aluminum Angles of thickness 2mm. Can you make it for me ? Delhi

  • vida

    hi i want a diy cnc good reliable engraving machine that will engrave small sign or design on small ring stones to A4 size stones and get good touch depth with sharpness please i am very serious so if you can make one cnc router for me contact me with price thank you.

    • Hi Vida , I am working on a smaller CNC for basic milling and engraving stuff.

  • Jithu

    Hai, I need TB6560 based stepper motor controller for 3 axis / 4 axis
    that was not used in your electronic circuits, i will give the money through bank or western union

  • Salam Siddique


    homemade cnc in india ………………
    as cheap as can be……………