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  • DarkRengin

    If you in a tight budget which can’t afford beats tour then you don’t disappoint with this one! for me this is a True Bang for the Bucks! Sony Did not tell a lie this time so if it indicates with “Powerful Extra Bass” then your on! The mid and high is still present with best details for its price range. The comfort is varies from individual but for me it is no issues at all! i can listening to this all night long without discomfort with my ears plus a very strong cable is a must! The only issues for me is the cable attachment in the earphone itself cause there is no strain relief on them and it is all made by plastic so it feels cheap everytime i touched it. I recommend this over my previous Fucked Klipsh s4 II which uncomfortable in a long run aside from loss some of the bass and it is broken now after just in 3 months! Fucked Klipsh!! Sony You did a Great Job with this One!

  • Chaitanya

    Well what tracks were used during the review ??
    Also which audio output device was used ?? (I mean a PC, mobile, sound card…)

  • CyberXenon

    Your review is very useful .. It clears all my questions .. I m going to order it .. ThankZ

  • Girish

    What about the comfort when you use it at bed time? Or just listening to music while laying down? I’ve only used ep 630 since 2008, or so. One of it’s best plus point (for me) was the small size. You could put them on, lay on your debed with the ear pressed against the bed, and it still wouldnt cause any discomfort.

    The last time, my ep630 was damaged, I decided to buy something other than a creative, and went on to buy the Sony mdr ex 220 lp; which was a decent pair of earphones, but it was quite uncomfortable while laying down in a bed. After ywo days I gave it to my brother and,bought the ep630 again.

    Anyway I need a new,earphone. My kitten has just chewed my Ep 630’s cord to little,pieces. I quite like the design of the xb30ex,bit are they comfortable while in bed?

    • Aniket

      no they aren’t. I have them and they are quite big on the ears. You cant sleep with your ears pressed against the bed at all.

  • Marcio

    Very useful review, tyvm!

  • Easter bunny

    Don’t do it!!
    Ouch the pain is horrendous!
    Awfull earphones!!

  • dhrub

    Hey bro…… the extended frequency response is actually for representing the movement of driver acording to the signal

    Flac audio format have tesponse from 5hzto 48khz

    Human dont listen below 20hz but they feel the vibration….heart thumping bass or very deep bass rather than resonatory vibrating 60hz bass in car sub(people think this bass is deep)(bad bass).

    For higher frequency, there is a term called hi res audio, which have response above 40khz…. higher responseresponse help human recognise the loacation when two source are nearby due to inverse freq. Law

  • dhrub

    As for sony xb30ex…. if u want best sound out of these earphone…

    U have to first burn with pink and white noise on 30%vol

    Android user download full version of jet audio and equalise it flat. This would lower db(loudness percieved) but also equalise the channel distortion.
    I would post the graph of xb30ex

    Equalise to the dotted line

    Then get a biflange tip for them

    Then using jet audio… u can use am3d zsurround and other plugins

    Buy a amp….fiio e3 or e6 for better sound and low floor noise than phone

  • Tanmoy Halder

    i have used this for 8 months …if u are an musician and want to hear each and every instrument properly,,,sony mdr xb30ex is not for you.bass quality of this product is truly amazing ,,,but the treble and bass balance is not good ,,ur phone equalizer can;t help you with this ,,(i have tried it with many phones) ..and its not tangle free but the chords are very strong and sexy .
    and its water proof ..trust me ….i have used it in many heavy rainy day;s then just dried it under a bulb …it works perfectly with no complain …..

    • dhrub

      Ok tanmoy bro…. ur solution here is use onkyo gf player on android(eq issue)….

      Reduce bass by 10db till 125hz and then by lower value till 1khz…

      Decrease 2.5khz by 2.5db and increase 3.5 to 4.2khz by db

      Reduce 5khz sharp with 5db
      Reduce 6.2khz with 1db
      Increase 10khz with 10db
      Increase 20khz with 15db
      Increase 32khz to max

      Onkyo hg player has line based equaliser which is used by pro

      Dhrub here

      • Tanmoy Halder

        ..it’s shame that i have lost it ….:-( ….but fortunately i got a new
        one (audio technicia. clr 100)…sounding much more clear …i will definitely do what u have said ,,,if i got another one …

  • dhrub

    I will tell why high frequency an low freq. is important

    Take a hi res music sample
    Container has 32khz frequency

    If the data is played with 32khz and 2khz together….then subtraction of these frequency.. 32khz-2khz=30khz will have a dip of 5db

    But a earphone or any audio device plays till 20khz, so it wouldnt be able to play 32khz, so will limit to 20khz max. So here 20khz and 2khz would be played creating harmonic distortion

    20khz-2khz=18khz dip of 5db

    So 18khz would have dip, means loss of musical info by 1/2 volume

    Hi freq is implemented to protect company signature sound

    Now people think many instruments are played on diff frequency…..so many dips

    In reality our brain detection is adaptive plus musical information is between 50hz to 11khz…

    So earphone which have this response can play music to your ears, but earphone arent capable of mantaining of this response, so we need eesponse higher than 20khz in order to remove distortion

    More frequency means driver movements are that much free

    Low below 20hz cant be heard but feeled, but a small earphone cant handle it to make us feel that way, so why need of insane lows like xb90 or vmoda zn 2hz

    Helps with detail clarity to small extent

    Help us understand the signature of bass

    Decide the timbre(lower the freq. More u will feel instruments)

    Both helps in
    -soundscape(3D representation)
    -depth/body(brain perception)

    -db(higher extended are generally high on db…because of air movement…..loudness)


    The problem here lies is that these earphone have signature by manufacturers

    Flatten them down and u go pro