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  • ajkane

    Great guide!! Thanks! Great at explaining what all the numbers mean!

  • xiledemon


    Sorry its a bit of a necro, but this was really helpful in understand the intricacies of RAM modules. Might help me with adjusting my OC for tightening.

    • No probs. I had posted this in late 2008(may be early 2009) on my blog (now dead xD) and reposted it here in 2012. Still it has so many grammatical errors lol. I need to reformat , proof read and update it accordingly .. since FSB is dead xD

      • Jason

        I got a acer m5620. Acer got it locked down pretty good. The only

        thing I can really do is set the speed of my ram. My ram ratio is 2.3

        right now. And the only other Thing I can do is turn the ram down

        witch will bring it to 4.5. My question is Which ratio will I benefit

        more from. If you google acer m5620 you’ll get the specs for it.

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