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  • nilesh pathak

    thanks for this post…. i am very thankful to you…

  • bibek

    can you describe about sine pwm in centre aligned mode for lpc2148…should look up table be used for sine pwm in lpc2148

    • Hi Bibek(or Vivek?) .. I am working on Sine PWM using left-aligned PWM at the moment. I am getting a sine wave after passing PWM signal through a Low pass filter but its a bit bugged. I am rectifying it then will post it source code .. then will try with center aligned PWM since its better behaved when it comes to harmonics. Also yes lookup tables must be used since it makes the job easy and CPU doesn’t waste time calculating sin(angle) for each PWM period. This becomes crucial when you need high frequency sine wave like 10khz to 100khz.

  • Gopi M

    nice tutorial about PWM . thank u .

  • Basha

    I find all tutorials useful. Will you provide us a tutorial on interfacing and collecting data from sensors to LPC2148? Thank you