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Sumon Pathak

A law student who likes to test out and open up any gadgets he comes across. And you better not challenge him in TF2 and BFBC2!

  • rajan1311

    Dude, the angles you took the images with, made it pretty confusing to understand what you were trying to show. Next time, try maintaining a constant angle. Since there were no images showing the complete system, it was hard to put them all in place in the head.

    • ah yes…since space is a constraint picking images was a problem..

      • $ingh

        Dude you need to work on your photography a lot ,
        use a better camera
        place the cabinet in a corner of wall (wall color should be light for better pics)
        and try to take full pictures of cabinet
        btw what is the price of the cabinet ?

  • anirbandd

    mention the price too along with date. helps the price conscious Indian/Kolkattan 🙂