Need Help! Making a Robot for Robowar.

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    OCF Bench Team

    Need Help! Making a Robot for Robowar.

    I am trying a build a robot for a robowar competition in my college.I am a complete noob!
    This is what i am thinking:-

    Operating 4 High torque 500+ RPM motors using wired controllers (later upgradeable to wireless controller)
    At least 2 weapons one cutter and other a hammer or flipper (or both).

    Option 1:
    Arduino Uno R3 + motor shields (not sure how many motor shields can be added)

    Option 2:
    Use this board 1359893605742.jpg.
    This board already have a l293D on port C will add another l293D on port C to control 4 motors.
    Adding another L293D on port B(removing lcd) to control weapons.

    I have no idea on how to make a wired controller.

    P.S. Motors are 500+ rpm geared motor with 0.6A and 12v rating.
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    Ze Dummkopf
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    @Saurabh1e :
    If you are planning to operate 4 DC motors for your bot then u'll need a beefy powersupply and 4x H-bridges to control each motors. Since this is your first time get a ready made H-bridge board like : Dual Motor Driver (Electronic 5 Amp) [RKI-1004] - $5.00 : Robokits India, Easy to Use, Versatile Robotics Kits... it can handle upto 5 amps per phase! So u'll need 2 of those boards since each can control only 2 DC motors.

    Also to further increase the rpm and torque you can double the voltage from 12V to 24V but with extreme caution. I'd say as of now stick with 12-15Volts DC to power your motor. A power-supply that can output around 3-5 Amps @ 12Volts will best suit in your case.

    You can use L293D but that cannot handle high current.

    Now about making a wired controller - select 4-5 MCU pins and use them for controller. Keep those pins pulled-down with 4K7 or 10K resistors. Design you code such that it polls(checks) the status of each of the pins constantly. If any of the pin is connected to VCC using a push button then you can perform certain action.

    Also let me know ... what functions are u planning to implement for your wired controller ? I am currently working on wireless PS2 controller for my hexapod using zigbee and dedicated MCU.

    -Regards ,
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    OCF Member
    Do not use L29-3D, use the L298.. and use high torque motors which costs about 750rs each. My suggestion: 4motors (for drive)wont cut it, make it at-least a 6motor drive bot and make it heavy. If you dont get points for hitting then dont use any hammer - try to be defensive

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    OCF Bench Team mavihs's Avatar
    hows the robo coming along???
    when is the robowar???
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